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Do you have blocked drains in Dudley?  Sandwell Drainage Company offers professional drain unblocking and other drain repair services for Dudley at competitive prices. Our engineers are experienced in dealing with all types of different drain blockages, from small waste pipes to the main drains.

About Sandwell Services:

Sandwell Drainage Company provide a wide range of sewer, pipe and drain services including Drain Excavation, CCTV Drain Surveys, Drain Lining and much more.  For a full list of our services please visit the services page, or call on 0121 5595771.



CCTV Drain Surveys

What is a drain survey?

A CCTV survey consists of placing a camera in the drain and examining for any problems. Once a drain survey has been completed, we will be able to provide a report on the current state of your drains.

A CCTV Drain Survey is required for many different reasons, when a drain is blocked, we can assume what the causes of a blocked drain are, but ensuring the right drain repair method to use.  As CCTV drain inspectors, we can use drain inspections to locate drains in roads, highways, residential properties, pedestrian pathways and walkways and rural land. The data received from the drain survey can pick indicate if the drain is cracked, broken or collapsed or displaced.

What does a drain survey reveal?

In the cases of a blockage, it is quite common that fat and grease compounds and foreign objects can cause a blockage.


Drain Repairing

Drains for repair

Drains are not the only thing that need repairing which collectively are only part of a network of pipes, gullies (grids), drainage and sewers and cess pits.

Repairs for public and private drains

Both homeowners and the local councils are responsible for keeping drains clean and fully operational to prevent drains from flooding and resulting in repairs. Any drains that are outside your property are all held in responsibility of the council. This includes roadside drains and gullies (grids).

If you find water drainage in your property that is as a result of a sewer drain, then contact your council. We can provide a drain survey or drain inspection report in which can be sent to your council to help raise the profile of the problem.

What is drain repairing?

Repairing a drain is a job for a specialist drain contractor and for health and safety reasons requires specialist equipment and procedures. From time to time drains get old and through wear and tear, it is not uncommon to see drains damaged by tree roots which can displace drains.

Methods to repairing a drain

In the circumstances of a blockage to a drain, using our CCTV survey, our drainage engineers will identify the nature of the problem and the cause of the drain problem. Methods available are power jetting to clear blockage, Drain lining (Relining) or Excavation.


Drain Clearance

Clearing drains back to working order

Drain clearance is a clearing operation that involves the removal of waste water, including sewage that can back up into your property which is not only is unhygienic but have a number of unpleasant effects. In light of flood warnings, drains over flood and along with it silt, road rubble and tree foliage enter the drains which needs to be professionally removed.

Drain clearance methods

By using high power jetting and in some cases extraction of water, depending on the degree of the drain problem, both will unblock and clear a drain effectively.


Blocked Drains

A blocked drain will not resolve itself, this is why a professional drainage contractor service should be called to the problem.

The causes of blocked drains

Commonly water naturally pushes silt, foreign objects, rubbish and leaves into the drains. Overtime build up occurs and a blockage forms. Often the blockage is left dormant and only appears as a drain problem in the circumstances of bad weather, due to the extra water drains have to accommodate for.  When a drain cannot cope with the extra water, it will try and back up out of the drain.

Fixing a blocked Drain

Unblocking the drain is the first point of call, which involves the removal of water flooding. CCTV Survey inspection will identify if the drain is flooding because of an expected blockage. If this is the case, extraction or power jetting will 99% of the time will relieve the blockage.


Licensed and Accredited

As an accredited safe contractor and a member of the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC). Sandwell Drainage Company will happily assist any homeowner or business in Dudley, across Birmingham and the South East of West Midlands.


Can we help fix your drains?

If your home has a drain problem in Dudley, West Bromwich or Birmingham and is within a 30 mile radius of West Midlands, Sandwell Drainage will endeavour to bring peace of mind to your drain problem and wash it away.


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