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There are many homeowners and business owners who experience problems related to drains and sewers. Your first instinct might be that the drain is blocked out of no fault of your own. Drains become blocked because of what enters the drain system from your sink, bath or toilets. Furthermore, drains block from silt and dirt built up in gutters, which should be cleaned and maintained periodically. When it comes to highway and public sewers, these can experience damage due to wear and tear combined with the high volume of drainage travelling from a number of other connecting pipes. Such problems can lead to various issues and bring your home or business arrangements to a stand still.

What Sandwell Drainage can do

As a West Bromwich Drainage Company, we endeavour to resolve any drains in West Bromwich for land owners, councils, landlords, tenants and private homeowners.

Blocked Drains

How blocked drains are caused?

A blocked drain can occur at any time, but become high risk during flooding.  Flooding occurs where the drains fail to accommodate the excessive water that needs to be drained. This is because not only does water enter the drains but along with it, silt, rubble, leaves and litter, which collectively put drains under pressure and block.

Fixing blocked drains

The first point of call should be to unblock the drain. This unfortunately cannot be done without drain cleaning equipment, which involves removing the surface water through extraction and or pushing through the blockage. If this method fails, then A CCTV camera inspection can be used to investigate and identify the reason for the blockage to the drain or pipework.

Sewer Cleaning and drain clearance

Drain clearing is a method of cleaning that uses power jet washing to remove the drains of build up or unblocking. When rain fall is high, the drain flow largely helps clear drains frequently. It is common for drains to see build up from time to time which can eventually cause problems.

Drain CCTV Surveys

What is a CCTV drain survey?

A CCTV survey is an inspection that allows the investigation of a drain, pipe or sewer. The CCTV is a camera device using a rod which is placed down the manhole examining the drain for any problems. The camera will relay information about the drain up to 100 metres looking for signs of a crack, a foreign object, or even the collapse of a drain. A CCTV inspection saves both time and money where our drainage engineers are able to report on the best method to fix a drain problem.

How long do drain surveys take to carry out?

A CCTV Drain Survey is an important aspect of drainage contracting because drains go through some considerable wear and tear, Sandwell Drainage Company can make sure drains are not deteriorating, defective or blocked. From our CCTV engineers analysis, we will then advise the best drain repair solution for the short term and long term. As CCTV Drain Inspectors, our inspections have been carried out across the West Midlands From Birmingham to West Bromwich on major roads, highways and residential properties and farms. We will tell you in the form of a report what the drain survey indicated and the work that needs to be carried out to further prevent, flooding water, health risks and delays that can lead to road accidents.

What does a CCTV drain survey reveal?

In the cases of a blockage to drain, Sandwell Drainage have uncovered collapsed drains, cracks and blockages from fat and grease compounds, rubble and foreign objects

Licensed and Accredited

Sandwell Drainage are proud to be accredited as a Safe Contractor and the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) which allows us to carry our inspections, engineering work for repairs across West Bromwich, Birmingham and across the West Midlands.

Can we help fix your drains?

If your home has a drain problem in West Bromwich, near Birmingham or is within a 30 mile radius of West Midlands, then Sandwell Drainage Company will endeavour to bring peace of mind to your drain problem and free you of your drain odours and blockages from toilets, sink and showers.

Whatever drain problem you think you may have, give our drain company a call, we are a friendly, no hassle and very reliable drain service with 30 years of drain experience which we endeavour to deal with any blockage or issue effectively.

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